The Second Mouse

     Battery exchange is not a new concept and has been revisited as many times as the electric vehicle over the past 100 years. From the electrified cab services and railyard engines of the early 1900's to the modern iteration by BetterPlace, companies keep putting time and energy into rapid exchange because the benifits are undeniable. So we need to understand why previous attempts failed, and why Atmo technology solves these problems.

1. BetterPlace developed a very expensive process that left no room for a feasible business plan. Their installations required construction of a specialized building full of robotics. This sort of initial expense cannot be recovered by an industry in its infancy. Our answer to this is in our mechanical design. The linear strips of packs, using the vehicle itself as the main means of pack manipulation instead of robots, and finally our simplified lifts with one greased pivot point put us in a completely different realm of feasibility. No ground-breaking is necessary to install our system, so lifts can be added, subtracted, or moved based on demand. This aspect also changes the game in terms of locations, because in most cases a commercial use permit is all that is required, again cutting the huge cost and hassle of traditional construction and zoning. This was the significance of setting up on the carpet at CES and performing two hundred of the fastest pack exchanges in the world without failure.

2. BetterPlace set unrealistic goals and targeted the wrong market segment. They claimed that 100,000 units would be sold the first year of private vehicle production which put them in a trajectory for major dissappointment. The EV industry is a relative stream, not a river. Jumping in and swimming like mad to compete with petrol will only get you scraped up and bruised. Our solution is to foster a complete transportation solution for fleet customers of which ALE is a critical element. Atmo has an opportunity to grow the influence and size of the industry itself and become a major OEM brand in a rapidly advancing electrified future. This future will pivot on a new age of vehicles which will combine leaders in autonomous control, alternative manufacturing, electric drive systems, and ride-hailing services to create the ultimate micro-transit solution. A major hang-up keeping this synergy from materializing has been the expense and limited duty-cycle of current electric vehicle options. Our technology solves this obstacle by introducing a simplified and seamless battery exchange process.

3. BetterPlace immediately created a fight with automakers by demanding a universal standard pack. My experience in the industry is that weeks are often wasted as design and engineering argue over the placement of a bolt. So the idea that you can standardize such a main component across the whole industry is a pretty tough hill to climb. While this is very true, it is also true that some form of standardization must occur. Our solution is to offer many sizes of packs. The lifts can handle a range of sizes to a certain point, and sizes can be organized in size specific lanes. Take a look at our plaza video for further understanding.

You can set our system up virtually anywhere, a rest area, a parking lot, a school, indoor, etc. It is time to take another look at a far more convenient, efficient and sustainable way to power electric vehicles. ALE by Atmo.