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We had an exciting time at CES. Stay tuned for our next event!


The Instant Electric Fill-Up #CES2017

February 4 2017

     One of the hurdles to the mass adoption of electric vehicles is the time it takes to recharge the batteries. Simply, even the fastest charge doesn’t compare to the refuel time of an internal combustion powered vehicle... read more.

New Mobility Directions & Models at #CES2017

January 21 2017

     Vehicles are increasingly becoming consumer electronic items, as evidenced by the number of companies and booths at International CES 2017 that were dedicated to creating the next great ride... read more.

Why rapid battery exchange when we already have quick charging?

January 23 2017

     Let's square off rapid battery exchange against quick charging and get this sorted. Keep in mind that there is no reason not to include a jack on an ALE vehicle (Autonomous Linear Exchange) so that it too can be plugged in... read more.

The Second Mouse

January 23 2017

     Battery exchange is not a new concept and has been revisited as many times as the electric vehicle over the past 100 years... read more.

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