We are the makers of Autonomous Linear Exchange (ALE)
- Rapid repower for every electric vehicle -
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About Us

Atmo Auto Power was founded on the belief that battery exchange will prove to be the superior charging infrastucture for the future of electrified transportation. We believe attitudes are shifting away from petrolium powered POVs and toward the Fleet Autonomous Electric Vehicle. The industry has produced a temporary score of plug-in electric POVs for the current transitional market, but these vehicles will fade with the rise of a safer, more sustainable option.

Battery exchange allows lighter, highly efficient electric vehicles to run constant-duty, while supporting renewable power sources and the smart-grid with decentralized power storage. Such low-cost Light Electric Vehicles, which require no down-time and yet allow ideal charging conditions, will be the obvious choice for the fleet owners and governments of tomorrow.

Please take a look at the short videos below to learn more about what we do.

Phase One: Development and Demonstration

We are nearing the end of the first phase as we perfect the performance of our prototype.
Take a look at the system in action!

Phase Two: Kit Pilot

In this phase we will create a universal kit which can be mounted to the undercarriage of several common fleet vehicles along with multiple packs and terminals for immediate use. Once complete, we will deliver the vehicle to a preselected fleet owner with high-use demands.

The kit will be mass produced in the third phase where we will use it to grow the infrastructure of terminals and attract full adoption.

If a constant-duty electric van or truck is of interest to you, please click here.

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